About Arnikamuralia

Behbood Anidishan Arnika Toos Production and Trading Group was established in Mashhad in 2015 with the approach of improving the quality of confectionary industry products. Cooperating with the world's leading suppliers, providing qualified products, proper interaction with domestic and foreign customers, exchange of technical knowledge and innovation in products have been considered as the main goal of organizational from the very beginning. With the tireless efforts of the company's research and development department, a wide range of functional improvers of cakes, cookies, biscuits and sweets have been produced and launched to both Industry and Artisan; as well as taking advantage of functional features of Emulsifiers, the company succeeded in registering the invention and receiving scientific confirmation and innovation for its own produced gel emulsifiers from the Food Science and Industry Research Institute of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran and as a result of that we are honored to receive our approval as a knowledge-based company license from the Vice President of the Presidential Institution. As another achievement of the group, it is worth mentioning the trust attraction of the Spanish company Muralia which has resulted in the birth of Arnika Muralia Collection in 2019.